Here I will collect all the Documentation of the Thought Process for the WS22/23 Course [[Raum als Interface]] in the module Perspectives of Design.

Okay, as I gathered it, the task is to create situations and showings.

What are those?

  • Situation := Is some kind of performance is unique in time and space is interactive

  • Showing := Is some kind of communication of ideas presentation of sorts creativity in media is a plus

  • Constraints of the task: has to be analog has to utilize the room as space has to enhance some aspects of being in space

Miro Board

Miro Aufgabenumriss

Takeaways from the first session: flexible, schedules are to be adapted on the go small groups, randomly distributed Lots of people with incredible design and graphics skills, gotta beef up my presentation

The first Situation/Showing is in 2 weeks, Brainstorm is scheduled for Friday with Friedrich. Outcome friday: [[Brainstorm (Raum als Interface)]]

[[Session 2 Notes]]

First desk Critique


Too loose, concentrate more on a closed-up topic concentrate more on documentation –> focusing more on emotions in the room option: planning, but not realizing all the stations

Need to produce 5 minutes of presentation next Thursday In-depth documentation the week after

Meeting scheduled for Wednesday afternoon ToDos for Meeting:

  • [ ] prep 5 minutes Presentation
  • bring stuff to the studio

Planning Session


First Situation

Research guidance: How does a space interact with us on an affective level? How do Rooms shape Human-to-Human interaction?

Focus 1: Entering Rooms/Situations

How do we manipulate space?

Focus 2: Reflecting and analyzing situatedness in a room

How am I in space? - How do I want to be?

Wellbeing in Rooms quote Sara Ahmed, queer phenomenology

Station 1: Der Elefant im Raum

Anweisung: Finde den Elefanten im Raum Foto des Elefanten Wikipedia: {Die Metapher} bezeichnet eine offensichtliche {Thematik}, die zwar im Raum steht, aber dennoch von den Anwesenden nicht angesprochen wird. Die Gründe für das Schweigen können vielfältiger Natur sein. Dokumentation: 2D Grafik: Die Reise des Elefanten

Station 2: RaumPuzzle

Gedicht: Georges Perec, Träume von Räumen Frame, manipulierbar, Frame titel ist ein beliebiges Wort mit raum Anweisung: Wähle einen Ausschnitt. Bilde ein Wort. Dokumentation: Foto von Frame und Titel

Station 3: Otherness

Materialien: Teleskop, Zitat, Sarah Ahmed Anweisung: Bitte Hinterlasse dieses Teleskop so, wie du es vorzufinden wünscht Dokumentation: Fotos von Ausschnitt

Station 4: In my Room

Materialien: Kopfhörer, Zettel, Stift Anweisung: Nimm dir einen Moment mit Musik. Klappe dann das Papier auf. Mein Raum hat: Dokumentation: Collage der Wörter

Station 5: Übergabe

Anweisung: Suche dir die nächste Person aus, übergebe Bademantel, Wärmflasche und Hausschuhe, und mache ein Kompliment. Vielen Dank :) Dokumentation: Foto von Person mit frischem lächeln

Galerie Aufgang: These: Wohlfühlen verbessert die Aufnahme des Raumes

  • Handwärmer
  • Bademantel
  • Schlappen

My tasks and todos for the Presentation:

  • organize Song
  • Wärmflasche,
  • Bademantel


First Reflection on the project

Working with Friedrich was kind of a new experience. I felt that construction and planning were quite explorative, involving a lot of unwalked paths. Nevertheless, I felt productive and can stand behind our common output. The openness of the task(s) is something that needs getting used to, so far I felt that the constraints of the course are too loose to get me started immediately and similarly too tight as to simply allow me to directly utilize ideas stowed away in my head. This weird limbo situation might very well be intended and seemingly reveal much to me about how ritualized creativity looks like.