During 2022, I was exposed to some of the awesomenest tools for architects. One of them was Rhino, a 3D modeling software that is used for a lot of architectural design. I hate it. It has quite an unreadable interface and is not very intuitive, with straight-up 80s vibes. It has plugins though, and one of them is Grasshopper, a visual programming language that is used to create parametric models. Grasshopper is insanely powerful and seems to be a full-fledged programming language, but it is also very intuitive and easy to use, rather similar to the new node-based flows unreal engine and blender are now starting. Sadly, grasshopper does not come as a standalone, and it requires Rhino to run and achieve many of the modeling steps.

In that combination, Rhino suddenly becomes much more appealing, and I started to enjoy the process of modeling in it. I was able to create a parametric lampshade that I am very happy with and can modify on the fly for ever-new lampshades.

Then printing it with white filament in vase mode was a breeze and here you can see some of the results.

The Results