Who am I?


Stadtgymnasium Detmold                       Aug ‘11 – Jun ‘15
BSc. Cognitive Science                            
Universität Osnabrück                           Oct ‘16 – Feb ‘22
Within a diverse program, I focused on Philosophy, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Informatics, and Linguistics.
Program description
RISE Internship                                
IIT Kharagpur, India                               Sept. ’18 – Jan ’19
I researched the possibilities of a decentralized electricity grid in remote regions of the Himalayas.
I conducted field research, evaluation, and product simulation.
Erasmus Semester                      
New Bulgarian University, Sofia                     Feb. ’19 – Jul ’19

| I took courses in the Philosophy department and Masters’ program for Cognitive Science. The Department Website

I also attended the Cognitive Science Summer School. More on the Summer School|

M.A. Design & Computation                          
Universität der Künste, Berlin                         Oct. ‘22 – ‘24’

| I am currently in the third semester of transdisciplinary cooperation between UdK and TU Berlin with a focus on critical artistic engagement with technology. Program description The New Practice Page|

Work Experience

Barkeeper / Brewing assistant                      
Brauerei Rampendahl                     Oct ‘18 – Mar ‘20
Social Worker                  
Heilpädagogische Hilfe Osnabrück                 Sept ’20 – Sept ’21
I worked in a stationary care center for hearing impaired and deaf people with cognitive impairments, including autism.
Das Wohnheim
Working Student                    
Virtuos at Universität Osnabrück                   Oct ‘21 – May ‘22
I was part of the uos.dll program, a funded project to reform digital teaching practices at the University. My responsibility is the building and maintaining of the DigiLab, a FabLab/Makerspace accessible to the entire University. It features 3D printers, Laser Cutter, CNC Routers, Stitching Robots, VR, XR, Video/Audio Toolsets, and many more.
DigiLab Osnabrück
Software Engineer                      
Sommerblut Kulturverein Festival                     Feb ‘22 – now
I am part of a team researching and developing an inclusive chatbot, respecting diversity and accessibility needs.
Chatbot Ällei @ Sommerblut
Working Student                    
InKüLe at UdK Berlin                   Mar ‘23 – now

InKüLe stands for Innovation in der künstlerischen Lehre. The Work revolves around investigating concepts for innovation and digitalization in the practice of artistic teaching. Personally, i work mostly with workshops teaching sculpting in VR and livestreaming events. | The InKüLe Web Presence |

Software Skills

UNIX | bash / zsh | Arduino IDE | Raspberry Pi

Python | scipy | matplotlib | seaborn | pandas | jupyter notebook | tensorflow

HTML, CSS, JavaScript | GH-pages | psychoJS | AMPStack | ibex-farm

C# | Unity

CAD | Fusion 360 | TinkerCAD | Rhino/Grasshopper

Slicing | PrusaSlicer | kiri.moto | Cura | Lightburn

Images | Inkscape | Illustrator | GIMP | Photoshop | Lightroom | Agisoft Metashape

Video | Premiere | DaVinci Resolve

Office | MS-Office Suite | Latex | Markdown

Machine Skills

3D Printer | FDM | MSLA

(Laser)cutter | Cricut | Mr. Beam | Scissors

Textile | Stitching Robot | Sewing Machine | Handstitching