What makes a room? How do moods and atmospheres emerge? Can we visualize them to make the experiences visible?

The project “The Nature of Objects” aims to expand (augment) perception by making the moods of places tangible through the respective auras of the objects in the space. What makes objects subjects? How can we make the implicit explicit? And how can we make the character of a place visible?

Here, we question the conservative, purely physical concept of space and address in the project a temporal, historical component of space, its objects, and their past. Space will have transformed: from a simple “object on which interest, thought, action is directed” (definition object Duden), to a “creature that is endowed with consciousness, thinking, sensing, acting” (definition subject Duden). This metamorphosis of subject formation on objects enables the space to undergo changes influenced, or, more precisely a shaping, reshaping, deformation -such that the space can finally be perceived differently and multiangular.

An AR Headset lying in a cage

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