I am Aron (pronouns: he/him), a 2022 graduate of the bachelor’s program of Cognitive Science in Osnabrück. During my very open and broad studies, I focused mostly on Computational Linguistics, Machine Learning, and Philosophy. The mix of these topics you will find scattered throughout my Portfolio.

I am enthusiastic about many of the topics included there and have developed a fondness for algorithmic problems, philosophical considerations, and issues of our society.

Currently, I am enrolled in the Master’s program Design and Computation @ UdK and TU Berlin.

I recently moved to Berlin and now live together with 2 awesome humans and a 3D Printer, and am continuously repairing and outfitting a very old van.

I dream of one day having my own bar with cultural events and am already working on the perfect recipe for homebrew beer. I love experimenting, whether that is in the kitchen, finding a solution to a coding problem, or creating useful objects.

I am also passionate about 3D Printing, its curious applications, and all areas tangent to it. The interface of technology and the world interests me and coming up with ways for one sphere to interact with the other has now captured me for some years.

I recognize a colossal environmental problem that the current and following generations face: global waste being just one tiny aspect. At the same time, I am frustrated that I have to pay for the plastic that goes into my printer while I throw the packaging of my food away, which is the exact same material. Even more frustrating are the established norms for recycling that lead to virtually none of the products that I can produce with the printer at home being recyclable. Plastic waste is no joke and I consider it my personal contribution to try to help advance small-scale, decentralized recycling. I am currently searching for an appropriate place to further my knowledge to automatize the recycling of my own very large collection of failed prints.